Monday, April 25, 2011

monday! monday! monday!

[Doesn't that title sound like one of those annoying car ads?  "No money down!  No interest!  No credit check required!  One day only!  Monday!  Monday!  Monday!".  Okay, so maybe I've been watching a little too much tv.  Anyhoo....that really had no bearing on this post whatsoever.  Just threw it in for kicks.'re welcome.]

So, stop the presses people.  Another post!!  What the?  You are NOT seeing things.  This is legit.   

Welp.  It's Monday.  (as if you needed another reminder)  With Monday being the bane of most people's existence, I've decided to give it the fair shake and look on the bright side of things.  To be honest with you I feel a little sorry for Monday.  No one looks forward to it.  They avoid it like the plague; tiptoeing around on Sunday in hopes that Monday will forget to show up and it can be Sunday forrrrrevvvverrrr!!!  I mean, for real, it's the buzz kill of the weekend.  Everyone LOVES Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but as soon as Monday comes around everyone is like "O brother.  It's Monday again.  I hate Monday.  I wish it were Friday.  I loooove Friday.  TGIF!"  No one ever says TGIM!  Aww...poor Monday.  Well get off your pity pot Monday, it's your time to shine!

Introducing...Makeover Mondays!  Who doesn't love a good makeover, right?  I'm a huge fan of TLC's What Not to Wear and I'm always blown away by the transformation.  A lot of time it's not only the clothes, hair, and makeup that changes, but something happens internally as well.  Now if you think I'm going to be doing TLC-like makeovers on here, you're on the wrong blog.  I'm talking about making over our Mondays.  I'll be posting fun tips and products that make life sweet and make Mondays just a little more enjoyable.  Sometimes the stuff I post will be fluffy and shallow, I know.  But other times I may dig a little deeper with you.  Who knows, maybe you'll even start to (dare I say it?) like Mondays.  :)  So without further hoopla, here's the first the first installment of Makeover Mondays.  Enjoy!

5 Things to Perk Up Your Monday

1.   The Keurig B70.  This little gem has been a lifesaver on groggy mornings.  I got it at a Black Friday sale last year.  Love it!  Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, chai lattes, iced drinks....this thing does it all!

And don't forget the coffee that goes in it!  Hawaiian Hazelnut is one of my favorites right now.

2.  Nothing perks up your face like a good blush, especially on the apples of your cheeks.  One of my all time favorites is made by NARS.  I won't list the shade, because it's name is not totally PC.  Whoops.  But it's the "peachy pink with shimmer" one.  You can find it at any Sephora store or at
3.  Perk up your hair with a little volume!!  Two products I love are from Aveda; Phomillient and Pure Abundance Hair Potion.  I just used the HP over the weekend and it looked like I had a little bump-it on my head.  Amazing stuff!!

4.  Blackberries!  Perk up your breakfast, lunch, or dinner with these little guys.  I have fallen head over heels for them all over again!  So good and so good for you!

5.  Perk up your pillows & sheets before you go to bed!  This pillow spray by Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy was given to me by a friend years ago and I'm still using it.  It smells amazing!!  {this might be something to use Sunday night for a good night's sleep, so you'll be perkier on Monday ;)}
And there you have it.  5 little things that can perk up and makeover your Monday.  Now go out and show a little love to loving those around you!  Blessings!

Friday, April 22, 2011

great good friday!!!

So I know I haven't posted in like a gazillion years, but today I'm feeling very ambitious. Today is Good Friday and let me tell you, it's been more like a GREAT Friday!! Here are the reasons why:

1. A day off with no obligations!! Shazam! (side note : that word is not used enough)
2. Panera hazelnut coffee. Yes please.

3. This organic lemon drop EOS lip balm I scored at Wally World for like $2.

4. These babies were on sale at Target. Holla!

5. This little lovie was on sale at American Eagle (this is the back view - a little scarfy thingy ties in back) Love it!!

6. The nail salon where I occasionally go now does something called "shellac-ing". Yeah, I'm not sure what it is either. All I know is the lady painted my nails and literally 2 seconds later she sprayed them with something and wiped them dry with a paper towel. No smudges. No nicks. Nothing. Dry as a bone. She said I should be good for 2-3 weeks without any chipping. I'm holding you to that, lady.

7. I have an appointment with my beach chair later this afternoon. Bliss.

8. I started the day out with these 3 things

paradise candle by root candles

peppermint tea

my lifemap

And this song...

9. The gift of answered prayers and my life continually changing because of JESUS! (more on this to come in a later post....hopefully soon) :)

10. As I mentioned's Good Friday. As a kid, I loved this time of year. The beginning of springtime. Easter dresses. New white shoes. Pretty pastel things. As I grew up Easter still meant a lot to me, but it lost some of its charm that only a child's perspective can bring. Don't get me wrong. I love Easter! But sometimes after all is said and done, I'm left thinking...."Man, I'm exhausted!". For many (myself included), Easter is a time of busy-ness. It's a good busy (if there is such a thing), but still busy. You know...meal preparations, family outings, baskets, egg hunts, early morning church services, play practices, music rehearsals, etc. etc. etc. All this is well and good, but this year (for the first in a long time) I'm not that person. I am doing a few of the things mentioned, but I'm not busy-ing myself with them. Make sense? This year I feel as if I am that little girl again, excited about Easter, but for very different reasons. No longer is it dresses, shoes, and pretty colors. My delight is in the ONE who made me. Who gave HIS life for me. Who took my pain and shame and nailed it to the cross. I'm excited for the celebration!! Can I get an amen?? :) This morning in Matthew I was reminded of the suffering CHRIST endured for me on the cross. This Easter season I am so aware of what HE did for me. Of the price HE paid. And the fact that because of what HE did, I am forgiven. I am free. I am whole. How could I not worship the GOD who's given me life? How could I not give HIM all HE deserves. No matter what happens. No matter what I go through. I know that HE has been through it all. And that, my friends, is what makes this Friday (and every day) so GREAT!!