Monday, June 27, 2011

makeover mondays!!!!!!'s that time of week again.  It's time to makeover your Monday!  With July 4th just around the corner, I am already anticipating the sparkle and razzle dazzle of fireworks.  So....what better theme for this weeks post than this... 

 6 Ways to RAZZLE DAZZLE Your Drab Monday!!

1.  Start your day by getting rid of the old and letting the new shine through!  One of the best ways to do that is to exfoliate.  I love Modern Friction body scrub from Origins.  My friend Jana got me hooked on it, and I actually just used the last of it over the weekend.  (waiting for an Origins sale or ebay deal before I replace it)  ;)  This stuff is amazing.  It leaves your skin feeling smooth and glowing (totally razzle dazzle).  If you're going to be spending a lot of time outside this summer, exfoliating should be on your list of things to do.  Just don't exfoliate right before or after sun exposure.  (major ouch)

2.  Add some razzle dazzle to your breakfast with these little berries.  Goji berries, that is.  They're cute, sweet, and PINK!  You can add them to your oatmeal, granola, cereal, yogurt, trail mix, fresh baked goods, or eat them by themselves.  (they're great in your salad at lunch time too)  To find the health benefits of the it.  haha!!  :)  I love these little guys and they've been listed as one of the 5 healthiest fruits you can eat - high in antioxidents.  Score!  I like to make a little trail mix with mine using almonds, goji berries, and little dark chocolate chips.  Super good combination!  Try some today!  

3.  Add some razzle dazzle to your morning makeup routine.  This lip gloss from Mary Kay totally pumps up the volume when it comes to shine and sparkle.  It's a beautiful shade of pink that looks good on just about everyone!  Even it's name is fun - Fancy Nancy.  Seriously...does it get much cuter?  Another product I love for adding some dazzle is Bare Escentuals Healthy Radiance.  It instantly adds a shimmer (not glitter) wherever you put it.  I use it over eye color, cheek color, or alone for a dewy look.  It's super versatile and a great product for summer. 

4.  Add a little bling to your ensemble.  Whether it's a chunky necklace, an over sized ring, a flower pin, feathers in your hair, a belt, etc....let your inner razzle dazzle shine through!  I love to see art in fashion  (tasteful art, that is - the smarter, the better) and it seems like there's a lot to choose from these days.  Style is subjective and we all have our own.  Whether we follow the trends or march to the beat of our own drum....we're all saying something with our style.  I shop on a budget and some of my favorite places to find fun things to razzle dazzle my wardrobe are local shops, consignment stores, and markets.  On our trip to Savannah, GA last year we found this cute little shop that was nestled in the art district and I found these pieces for just a little $.  It doesn't cost a fortune to sport a little dazzle.  :)

  (sorry the pic is blurry - foggy lens due to high GA humidity)  :)

 5.  Add some serious razzle dazzle to meal time with this little treat.  Black Truffle Sea Salt.  Yes.  You read that correctly.  BLACK TRUFFLE Sea Salt.  O my goodness gracious.  Hide your kids.  Shut the front door.  This stuff is legit.  It's made by the culinary geniuses over at s.a.l.t. sisters.  (I've mentioned their stuff on here before - it's seriously muy bueno)  Black truffle mushrooms are fragrant, rich, and highly valued in the culinary world.  This product is great on hot popcorn (my all time favorite snack and therefore first on this list), vegetables, steak, tossed in pasta with olive name it, it could only be made better by this product.   

Try this....
Grilled Asparagus with Black Truffle Sea Salt
Wash and prepare 2 bunches of fresh asparagus
Toss with olive oil, Black Truffle Sea Salt, and fresh cracked pepper
Grill for about 10-12 minutes or until you get great grill marks on all sides
Finish w/ a very light sprinkle of Black Truffle Sea Salt and a squeeze of lemon

We love our asparagus paired with grilled steak or chicken.  If you can't grill the asparagus, it can also be roasted in the oven @ 400 degrees for 15 minutes or until tender.  Enjoy!!

6.  Add some dazzle to your life by cultivating deep friendships.  There's a definite "wow factor" added to life through friends.  A razzle dazzle...if you will.  :)  I love how each of my friends mean something different to me.  Each one has a sparkle all her own.  I'm sure your friends do too.  Once you discover's something to treasure.  To find what makes a friend shine, you need to get to know her....what really makes her heart sing.  For some of my friends, it's quality time.  For some, it's gifts or little notes.  For some others, it's words of encouragement.  For my long distance friends, it's the phone calls, facebook messages, and emails.  Just recently I've been reminded how important true friendships are.  It's important to stay connected - to check in - to make the effort it takes to keep a relationship thriving - to be a razzle dazzler in the life of your friends!!  :)  So on a mundane Monday, take time to call a friend, invite her to share a cup of coffee or take a walk around the neighborhood.  Send someone a little treat or note.  Plan a pool day with some girlfriends.  The sky is the limit, people.  :)  Sometimes the littlest things mean the most and can razzle dazzle up an ordinary day in the life of a true friend.  

Shine on, razzle dazzlers!!     

Sunday, June 19, 2011

here's to you, dad

In honor Father's Day, here's a little something for mine - a little shout out on ye ole blog.  (dad, if you're reading this...consider this your gift)  ;)

Dear Dad, thank you for being you.  Thank you for always loving me no matter what.  Thanks for all the times you mowed the lawn in straight lines.  Thank you for the countless grilled meats, done to perfection.  Thank you for showing me the coolest way to rid the yard of gophers (remember the shotgun and milk jugs?  that was AWESOME!!!)  Thank you for your humor.  (I think)  :)  Thank you for taking us camping so often - I still love it to this day.  Thank you for buying me my first COOL pair of gym shorts (Umbro's) when mom wouldn't buy them for me.  (hee hee)  Thank you for cultivating my love of music.  (I still remember eating cheerios and drinking lemonade under church pews while listening to you practice)  Thank you for encouraging me in my musical endeavors when I was in school.  Thank you for the way you love mom.  Thank you for teaching me to keep my commitments.  Thank you for being handy.  Thank you for coming to my rescue at 2am to change my flat tire when I needed it.  Thank you for the curfews you gave me.  (now I know you really WERE giving them to me for my own good - even if I hated them then)  Thank you for exposing me to all kinds of sports - Go Hoosiers/Irish/Bears/Colts/Bulls/Cubs!!  (did I forget anybody?)  :)  Thank you for always directing me towards Truth.  Thank you for being an example of quiet strength.  Thank you for encouraging me in my present goals.  Thank you for all the $20's during my high school years when I was too busy with school to hold down a decent job.  :)  Thank you for all your wise advice.  Thank you for letting me be me.  Thank you for being the best dad I could ever need.  Today (and every day) I thank God for you.

I love you dad!

Monday, June 13, 2011

makeover mondays!!!

Hey bloggy peeps - it's that time of the week again!  Whew - it's been a busy couple of weeks!  Lots of life being lived here in our house right now.  Not all is perfect....but God is perfect, so it's all good.  :)  Life is about learning to trust Him in everything - even when it doesn't make sense.  It's a sweet thing!  Speaking of sweet....I thought that would be a great theme to this week's MM.  Without further adieu...

6 Ways To SWEETEN Up Your Monday

1.  Go raw...and local, honey!  ;)  Raw honey has so many health benefits (seriously, Google it) and buying local is even better.  Because the bees that make your local honey live in your environment...the honey they produce offers many immune boosting properties.  (or so I'm far I'm buying it)  I've been searching for some local fare and last week I found this sweetness at a local market.

It's phenomenal!  It's sweet, caramel-ish, and thick.  Haven't tried it on biscuits, but shut-the-front-door that would be good!!!  So...if you're in the market for some amazing honey....go local and raw!  Oh, and if you're ever in the Savannah, GA area, stop by the Savannah Bee Company and try these...they're my faves :

The Raw Acacia Honey is sweet and has fruity/floral notes.  The Winter White Honey has a creamy texture and can be spread on anything....mmmm....biscuits.  And the Raw Honeycomb is great on it's own or eaten with fruit and cheese.  Try this...

Core and slice one Granny Smith apple
Top each slice with shaved Gruyere cheese
Finish with a little Raw Honeycomb honey and honey drizzle
Serve and enjoy - makes a great appetizer!

2.  Leave a sweet fragrance behind!  I'm in serious like with Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf.  It's the perfect blend of fruity & floraly deliciousness.  It's perfect for summer!!  While I love the scent, the price point is a little less than this little gem is the one I'm using at the moment.  (I'm hoping a certain someone picks up my not-so-subtle hints I'm dropping...birthday is just around the corner...know what I'm saying?)  Try a sample at Sephora or wherever it's sold.

3.  Sweeten your day buy sweetening up someone else's day!!  I'm a huge fan of random acts of kindness.  It's amazing what a small gesture, smile, or word will do to change a person's day.  Recently my favorite and I were perusing a local farmer's market with our dog and an elderly lady approached us and wanted to love on our dog.  She was all alone and was easily engaged in conversation.  She even shared her lychee nuts with us that she had just purchased.  It was such a sweet conversation and I could tell she might have been a bit lonely.  It was nice to know that perhaps our encounter brightened her day in some small way.  It seems that I've had quite a few of these small encounters lately....or maybe they've always been there and my eyes are just open enough to see them.  Wherever you are or whatever your circumstance, you always have the ability to make a difference in someone's life around you.  Oh, and for those of you curious of what a lychee nut's a pic (they're actually pretty sweet themselves - I highly recommend)

4.  Make a sweet fashion statement!!  I love summer style.  It's easy.  It's breezy.  (no, this isn't a covergirl ad)  It's fun!  When I think of summer fashion, I think of dresses, sandals, tanks, skirts, shorts, delicate jewelry, and the likes.  I'm a product of the grunge era, so I love a good pair of ratty jeans or shorts and a tank or vintage tee.  It's my go-to outfit when I want to be comfortable.  But there's something about warm weather that makes me want to buy every dress and cute top I see.  Oh, and what's with all the cute summery sweatshirts and sweaters????  Oh my....they get me every time!!  How is it that my mind instantly tries to rationalize the purchase of a sweater in the middle of summer when it's 100+ degrees in the shade with 90% humidity??  Seriously.  I may need professional help.  Along with the 2 maxi dresses I snagged at a Forever 21 sale, here are a collection of (some of the) things I love for summer : 

 5.  Sweeten up meal or snack time with this sweet summery treat!!  Around here, we love our watermelon!  It's the epitome of summer, don't you think?  Right now these babies are bountiful and super sweet!  (I've been buying one a week at the local market)  So good!!

6.  Of of the best ways I know to sweeten my Monday is to get lost in worship.  Ahh...sweet worship in the One who made me.  Nothing sweetens my heart and soul like spending some quality time nurturing my relationship with the Father.  [I am a worshiper at heart.  We all are.  It's the way we were created to be.  I love that God created us to desire something more than what we can find in ourselves.]  Especially when I go through times when it seems that all else has failed me or even in times when it seems I've failed all things.....the love of Jesus never does.  His love never fails.  I am continually amazed at the way God orchestrates everything in my life.  I may not understand every circumstance or situation, but one thing is always true.  God is always with me and His love never fails.  His love and grace are two of His attributes that I stand firm on every day.  Reader, if you are going through a time in life where it seems like the sweetness in your life has turned sour....know I am praying for you.  You are loved by the God who created the heavens and the earth.  He is love and He is perfect.  He never fails.  Take a listen and get lost in the sweet message of this blessed.

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.  It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.  Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.  Love never fails..."

1 Corinthians 13:1-8a

Monday, May 30, 2011

makeover mondays!!

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!  We just returned  home from a weekend of camping and are coming down from our "fresh air high".  We had a blast!!  Between prepping, packing, cooking, games, hayrides, popcorn over an open fire, Reese's pb cup s'mores (TO DIE FOR!!),  tennis, walks/runs (to work off aforementioned s'mores), lounging pool side, a beautiful worship service in the middle of God's creation,  and time to nurture relationships with friends....we are spent and our hearts are full.  So glad today is a holiday because I needed this afternoon and evening to unwind and unpack.  (laundry is in full swing as I type)  I love days off, and today's post is dedicated to those beloved ones we call Monday .  Enjoy!

5 fun things to do on your holiday Monday

1.  Start your day out with a walk or run!!  I know it doesn't sound like something "fun" to do on a day off, but it really is.  There's nothing more energizing than getting up and getting your blood pumping with a little exercise. you're walking/running, you can soak in the beauty around you.  It was so great to take walks through the woods this weekend and get reacquainted with God's glorious creation.  As someone who's new to the walking/running world, I can tell you that even doing a little can make a big difference.  You don't have to train for a marathon on your first day out.  All it takes is the will to start.  Get out and get fit! 

2.  Talk to the ones you love.  Whether your family and friends live right next door or are thousands of miles away....connect.  Nothing makes me smile more than cultivating relationships with the ones I love.  I cherish coffee talks with my girlfriends, bible study nights with my chicas, skype dates with my siblings and their families (especially my precious niece & nephew), get-togethers with my husband's family, and weekly chats with my mom. Take time today to let those close to you know how special they are!

3.  Treat yourself to a little sweet.  One of my favorite sweet treats right now is the Maya Gold chocolate bar by Green & Black's Organic.  It's a dark chocolate bar infused with spices and orange.  It is HEAVENLY!  Now...I've recently cut out sweets entirely from my diet, but a little treat every once in a while isn't bad for the body and it's great for the soul.

4.  Get your vitamin D quotient.  I love getting out and getting a little sun on my cheeks.  I've never especially enjoyed laying out in the sun, but I love being in the water.  Whether it's the beach or the pool, if there's water...I'm in.  :)  And...some studies show that 20 minutes of daily sun exposure is good for your body and mood.  Hmmm....sign me up!  To quiet the sunscreen police I will add that if you're going to be out in the sun for long periods of time, don't forget your sunscreen!  ;)

5.  Get to paintin'!  Your nails, that is.  :)  I'm a big fan of either light neutral or dark tones, but on a whim today I whipped out this crazy hue....

 Sorry about the sub par photo quality, but it's a pinkish/coralish color.  I've had this polish for awhile, but rarely wear it.  It's Year of the Dragon by OPI.  Who knows how long I'll be able to tolerate it, but today I love it and felt just fun enough to pull it off.  :)  Go ahead.  Be adventurous and do something fun for your nails too!

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

On this Memorial Day, I'd like to thank those men and women who are giving or have given their time, resources, and lives to fight for our religious and civil freedoms.  I'd also like to thank God for giving us the gift of ultimate freedom in Him.  We are truly blessed!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

what's the bzz all about?

Have you ever heard of BzzAgent?  BzzAgent is a social marketing company that drives sales of consumer products via word-of-mouth.  They do this by signing up "agents" to test products and give honest feedback.  I've been an agent with BzzAgent since 2009, but have never really been involved in any campaigns.  "Campaigns" are where they send me products to test and give them my honest feedback.  They like for me to spread the word to friends and family about what I'm doing and what I  think of the products.  It sounds a little confusing (and I may not be explaining it well) but it's really easy.  Recently I signed up for two different campaigns.  The first was to test CoverGirl's new NatureLuxe foundation and glossbalm.  The second was to try TREsemme's Color Revialize shampoo and conditioner.  I mean, seriously, I got full sized products shipped to me for FREE!  And I love free!! they are : 

It's been fun trying these products - some I've liked and others not so much.  And that's the nice thing...I don't have to like everything...or anything, for that matter.  Honesty is best.  So, to spread "bzz" about these products, I'm letting you (my bloggy friends) know what I think :

CoverGirl NatureLuxe foundation :  I'm not really a liquid foundation girl right now (FL heat!).  Also, the color I received was a little light, so I didn't wear it on my face.  I tested it on my hands and it went on really smoothly.  It has an SPF 10, so there's that benefit.  I'm indifferent about this product.

CoverGirl NatureLuxe glossbalm :  First of all I love the color.  Second of all, I love that it has an SPF of 15.  This isn't something I'd wear for a night out (not enough pigmentation), but it's perfect for a day of errands or going to the beach...especially with the SPF to help protect my lips.  Bonus!

TREsemme Color Revitalize shampoo and conditioner :  As an avid Aveda user for the last number of years, I was a little leery to switch to another haircare brand, but I noticed that my Aveda bottles were soon going to be empty, so I thought...why not?  (remember the free part?)  :)  I've been using these products for the last 2 weeks and  I have to say, I like them.  They're not the BEST I've ever used, but they do make my hair soft and manageable.  Haven't really noticed that my hair color is any better (I highlight/lowlight), but it's only been 2 weeks.  Time will tell.  :)

Along with my products I get coupons to hand out!  Yay!!  See....

I have 10 of each, so leave me a comment with the word CoverGirl or TREsemme (or both) and I'll send them to you.  :)  The expire @ the end of August 2011, so be sure to comment early.  Thanks for stopping by and reading my bzz.  Have a terrific Thursday!!  Much love bloggy peeps!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

makeover mondays! just when I was on a pretty good blogging roll, life got busy.  Not so much busy, but full.  Full of the great stuff of life.  Between work, family activities, freezing fresh sweet corn, precious time with friends, bible studies,date nights, sleepovers, picking tomatoes, canning said tomatoes, and all the things that fill my life....I didn't find time to blog.  Major fail.  Actually, no regrets here.  I wouldn't trade a single minute.  So, let's dust off the cobwebs and get right to it, shall we?  :)

7 Ways to LIGHTEN UP your Monday

1. Lighten up your morning with a spot of tea!!  I have to admit, I am NOT a tea drinker, by choice.  But...lately I've been trying to limit my coffee intake and have made the switch to tea in the mornings.  I know.  It's crazy.  Two teas that I'm learning to enjoy (basically because I'm told they provide energy just like my friend Cuppa Joe) are Oolong and Yerba Mate'.  These are the brands I currently use.

 And...over the weekend my friend Jill introduced me to some of the best tea I've EVER tasted. felt like all the flavor notes were dancing in my mouth.  It was insane!!  It's Cha Yen Thai Black Tea by Teavana.  Gotta get some of this stuff - it's amazing!  She brews it, sweetens it, and chills it. and it. is. good.  Get it at a Teavana store near you or visit

2.  Lighten up your home (if you have the space) with this firework!  This hanging light always catches my eye at Ikea and I want to take it home every time, but I have absolutely no working space to put it.  There's a downtown boutique that has it front and center in their entry way and it makes me happy every time I see it. 
3.  Lighten up your summer wardrobe with these cuties.  I love white and I love the femininity of breezy summer clothes.  These are a perfect accessory to any summer outfit.  I wear them all the time!  Pick up a pair from Stella and Dot.  Click here to visit my friend Carolyn's website to get your own pair.

4.  enLighten your Monday with special mementos.  (not to be confused with mentos candy)  Do you ever see something and instantly it takes you to a special place in your memory bank where you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?  For some, it may be a photograph.  For others, it may be an heirloom that has been handed down from generations before.  My husband has a bible that his grandfather used during his sermons.  It includes notes in his own handwriting.  It's a special memento.  I think special mementos are neat.  They are not of utmost importance, but often serve as a reminder of people we've known, places we've been, or who we hope to become.  With the help etsy and my husband, I recently added this little memento to my charm necklace.  It's so special to me because it signifies a step on my life's journey.  I'll get a little honest here for a second and tell you that I am currently on a journey to get healthy and fit.   My goals are big, but my God is bigger.  He has been my strength through it all - all glory to Him!  This "50" charm signifies my first goal fulfilled - a 50 lb weight loss.  It's such a sweet reminder of God's goodness and faithfulness every time I look at it.  Take a little time and create your own special mementos for you and the ones you love!!

5.  Lighten up snack time with these kale chips.  I have to admit when I first heard about these things I was a little more than skeptical.  But in all honesty...these things are really good!!  Kale is a super hearty green that I believe is in the cabbage family.  It's super good for you - loaded with lots of nutrients!  Now don't be fooled - this is definitely a vegetable and doesn't taste "just like a potato chip only good for  you".  :)  (don't I wish!)  But it does cure the salty/crunchy cravings.

It's crazy how something that starts out like this
Can turn into this - salty and crunchy!
(these are the ones I made)

All you need is a bunch of kale, sea salt, and a little olive oil. You can experiment with different spices and seasonings as well.  Here's the recipe I followed, however instead of letting them bake for 15 minutes (like the recipe calls), I suggest checking them around the 10 minute mark and keep an eye on them.  Mine got a little dark.  These are definitely worth a try!  Enjoy!!

6.  Lighten up your day by....lightening up!  Haha!  Laughter really is good medicine and I've had a prescription since the day I was born.  :D  Humor abounds in my family, so laughter is never in short supply.  Good thing I married a man that appreciates my sense of humor and has a bit of his own to spare.  A great way to lighten up is to not take yourselaugh at yourself every now and then.  And what better way to laugh at yourself than with a random ridiculous picture

or two
or three

Oh my gracious...I could keep going here - that's the scary part!!  AND...these are all pictures I posed for, and in some cases, sent to people.  I may need help.  Haha!!  Go ahead.  Laugh at my expense.  I know I have.  ;)

7.  One last and final one (I'm about to get a little deep here) would be to WRITE.  Huh?  Yes.  You heard right.  When your Monday (or any day) has taken your emotions over the edge and you've reached the breaking point...write.  Let me explain.  Okay...I am not an avid journal-er ('s a word...I'm like 20% sure).  Lately I've become a little more intent on journaling and I love it.  When I'm going through a tough time, a major change, or a time of incredible breakthrough - sometimes it just helps to write about it.  Not for someone to read (gasp!), but simply for me to do something with my thoughts.  A lot of times my thoughts become prayers and I begin to pour it all out to Jesus with every stroke of the pen.  There's just something about the written word.  I think our thoughts and emotions need a place to land and my journal has provided that place for me.  Just recently I picked up an old journal that I knew held some pretty deep things inside.  In it were thoughts and feelings that only God knew.  I was only ambitious enough to write 2 entries in that journal and then I put it on the shelf and never touched it again.  It was a pretty journal favorite color, green.  I remember it catching my eye at the store and knowing I had to have it.  In the back of my mind I knew why I had started this journal.  (I'll try to explain without going into great detail)  I had been in a place of extreme desperation.  That first journal entry was me crying out for help.  The kind of help only God could deliver.  And that meant laying all my baggage bare before Him and letting it land smack dab on the pages of my journal.   Let me tell you....I honestly felt better after, (by the end of the entry I was actually joyful) but it wasn't an altogether happy journal entry that I planned on reading every day.  In fact, I didn't know if I ever wanted to read it again.  I mean, imagine picking up a beautiful book, opening it, and finding someone had vomited all over the forward.  Ga-ross!!  (sorry for that awesome mental picture) That's what it felt like to me.  In a nutshell...not a fun read.  Anyhoo....yesterday I felt it was time to open it.  I read it.  All of it.  And instead of heaviness and pain, what I felt was freedom and joy.  As I kept reading, I knew that the person who had written those early words was not the same person who was reading them now.  It was liberating!!  Because let me tell you, I could visibly see evidence of a life changed by Christ!!  Amen??  AMEN!!  Answer to prayer!!!  In that first entry, I saw the beginning stages of change.  A heart desperate for it.  Crying out for it.  He is faithful.  I don't fear those words on the pages anymore - this journal has a story to tell and God's not done writing it on my heart.  God has me on an incredible journey (I'm only a part of His ultimate story) and all the glory belongs to Him.  What started as a simple journal entry that seemed to go nowhere, God used as a catalyst to the faith he wanted to build in me.  And when our faith is strengthened in Him..everything feels lighter!!

A brand new journal entry

Isaiah 40:31
"But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles.  They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint." 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

o mother, where art thou?

*post title disclaimer :  I'm not really asking where my mother is.  I know where my mother is.  I'm just a really big fan of the movie "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" and brother and mother rhyme, do the math.  Moving on....

Since this is Mother's Day and my mom is 1200+ miles away, I thought it fitting to dedicate a little space on my blog to her - {she rocks, by the way}

Dear Mom.  Thank you for being you.  Thank you for the ways that you spoil me when I come home to visit.  Thank you for still making me feel like every small accomplishment in my life is a big deal - you are my biggest cheerleader.   Thank you for showing me what a prayer warrior looks like.  Thank you for the great potato salad recipe you've passed on to me (and every one of my friends has requested).  Thank you for always mending my clothes when I feel too lazy inept to operate my sewing machine.  Thank you for showing me how to do a lot with what a little.  Thank you for taking an interest in my friends.  Thank you for being a fun mom.  Thank you for playing games with your kids till the wee hours of the morning.  A BIG thank you for getting in that shopping cart 10 years ago and giving us something to laugh about - we have the picture to prove it.  ;)  Thank you for showing me how to look on the bright side of things.  Thank you for loving Dad like you do.  Thank you for steering me towards truth.  Thank you for showing me what a good work ethic looks like.  Thank you for always having my back.  Thank you for encouraging my creativity.  Thank you for letting me be me.  Thank you for being the best mom a girl could ask for.  Today (and every day) I thank God for you!!

I love you Mom!

PS.  And....thank you for showing me that at 56 any age - you can still run after your goals.  Congrats on finishing your 1st (but not last) 13.1 miler!!


I also want to take this time to reach out to those who don't know their mother, who have lost their mother, or can't become mothers.  Sometimes Mother's day is a reminder of what we don't have.  Know that you are loved by a God who cares for you and wants to pour out His love and grace on you. 
Be blessed today and rest in His perfect love.